Former CIA Kevin Shipp: Hillary Clinton “Involved in Biggest Treason in History”

Former CIA agent and whistleblower Kevin Shipp revealed in an interview for USAWatchdog exactly what Hillary Clinton did with her ‘charity’ in conjunction with the Uranium One deal while she served as Secretary of State, calling it a crime for the history books.

“Hillary Clinton used this to launder money in foreign banks so it wasn’t subject to U.S. laws, congressional subpoenas or FOIA demands for the evidence. This was done to launder this money globally into the Clinton Foundation so the U.S. government could not examine it at all,” Shipp explained.

It boggles the mind how blatant Hillary carried out her crimes. Obviously, she was banking on the belief that she would become president. While President Trump has publically declared that she has ‘suffered enough’ and won’t be prosecuted, don’t be so sure that something isn’t in the works to put this woman and the entire criminal network behind bars. Trump is smart and he knows that should he simply go after her straight out, complete chaos across the nation would ensue. Many have stated that a civil war is inevitable.

What would be the best play to put her and criminal cronies away while minimizing the chance of massive social disorder? Well, if so much indisputable evidence was publically revealed that Trump was ‘forced’ to do something, that would certainly help mitigate the threat of social chaos.

Turn the page for the complete breakdown of how Hillary’s treason regarding her so-called charity and the Uranium One deal:



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