Former Alleged Mistress of Bill Clinton Posts Chilling Facebook Message: “In this election year, if read I died…by committing suicide…don’t believe it”

In the midst of Hilary Clinton’s presidential campaign, former alleged mistress of Bill Clinton, Sally Miller, left a startling Facebook post to her readers hinting at concerns over “deadly coincidences”. Obvious to Miller is the Clinton’s hunger to advance their political careers by any means possible. That is why Miller reached out to Facebook to let her readers know, “In this election year, if you read I died…by committing suicide…don’t believe it.”.

Miller chose to elaborate her concenrs explaning that there is an odd amount of people to whom she has no relationship, men stopping her on the street for directions or contacting her by any means for a date, visit, or interview. Miller claims to be recieving unknown phone calls that leave no voicemail, and also claims that the same two car’s with tinted windows keep driving past her home.

If Hilary is past the fear of Miller writing further on the alleged affair she had with Bill Clinton, then what is Miller’s postion for writing such dark posts’?

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