Former AG Holder: “Any Attempt to Remove Bob Mueller will not be Tolerated”

The former Attorney General Eric Holder has come riding his horse and waving his sabre (and the American flag, apparently) to save Robert Mueller from the ravages of the evil Republican empire and those that would deign to question the veracity and honesty of this man whom Holder cherishes enough to call “Bob.”

Let’s talk a little about this tweet.  First, he purports to speak “on behalf of the vast majority of the American people.”  That is truly either a joke or its a calculated remark meant to figuratively wink at Mueller’s “dream team” and say, “Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.”

Holder, least of all the former Obama loyalists in positions of power, has the merit to speak on behalf of the vast majority of Americans.  Even assuming that this remark is truthful (from his point of view), it still stretches the imagination to its breaking point, considering that if the “vast” majority of Americans agreed with him and the opinions of the Left, Hillary should already be crowned queen and furthering the Obama agenda for his theoretical third term in office.  As it is, she’s spending her weekends in the quiet of her study, mulling over how she can convince her neighbors that a Hillary statue erected in the town square will be “good for the local economy.”

Holder then uses the word “forewarned” and not in the traditionally correct way.  If he is trying to invoke Shakespeare, he’s not doing a very good job as Soothsayer to Caesar…or the Republicans.  “…any attempt to remove Bob Mueller will not be tolerated.”  I’m not 100%, but I believe that Eric Holder is no longer the Attorney General.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t he asked to step down in humiliation after so many scandals that he made Hillary look like an amateur?

“…blatantly political-designed to hide the real wrongdoing.”  Aside from the poor sentence structure (but then I’m no attorney general), let’s look at the facts here.  The FBI is refusing to hand over subpoenaed documents.  It is refusing to answer basic questions regarding Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS, Clinton campaign payments, Perkins-Coie law firm, Natalia Veselnitskaya, The Podesta Group, Cheryl Mills, etc., etc.  But somehow, to the staggering intellect of Eric Holder, the real wrongdoing is on the side of the Republicans.

Holder ends the tweet without a period, but with the words, “Country not party,” which I would assume to mean that he and the Democrats and Leftists are superiorly qualified to lecture others in what it means to be truly patriotic and not to allow the party to get in the way of the country?

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