Foreign Workers Take 100,000 White-Collar Jobs Every Year Over 85,000 Annual Cap

Foreign Workers Take 100,000 White-Collar Jobs Every Year Over 85,000 Annual Cap

Legal and illegal immigration are often combined in the national perception, with Liberals stating that conservatives are against immigration, when they are really mostly opposed to illegal immigration. But both parties seem to welcome another kind of immigration that is damaging our nation as well, and that is under the radar of public scrutiny.  That immigration is the legal H-1B1 and related professional outsourcing programs, and it is driving professional wages down and forcing well-trained, college educated Americans out of the workforce in order to pacify Wall Street, academia, and American businesses.

Many elite universities, along with name brand companies connected to those universities, are taking advantage of programs that bring in highly educated foreign workers who displace higher-wage American graduates to the tune of at least 100,000 individuals each year above the allowed official cap of 85,000 H-1Bs. That depresses wages for the entire segment of professional workers, and the professionals forced out of those positions then take on lower level jobs, which once again forces salary levels in those industries downward due to the overabundance of available workers.

The professional white collar immigration programs are distorting the labor market in the U.S. and forcing native workers out of the jobs they would ordinarily have obtained were it not for these programs.

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