Foreign Mexican Workers Sent Home Enough Money in the Last 11 Months to COMPLETELY Fund Border Wall

You’ve likely all heard the warn and tried leftist diatribe that allowing mass amounts of foreign workers into the country “benefits” the U.S. economy.

As Tucker Carlson himself pointed out a few weeks ago, the mantra of the left is that “immigrants” are willing to the jobs you wouldn’t do, work harder to do them, and live with less because they’re more virtuous than you, the concerned but struggling native-born blue-color American citizen.

Which poses the question, how are foreign workers actually contributing to the U.S. if earnings are not being reinvested back into the U.S. economy? Because as one might suspect, foreign workers are actually sending the majority of their earnings back home to their friends, families, or bank accounts back home.

Most shocking of all, however, is the recent stats coming out about Mexico. Continue to the next page to learn how many billions Mexican foreign workers are “sending” home every year.




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