Ford CEO Does an About-Face After Speaking with Trump

Ford CEO Does an About-Face After Speaking with Trump

Donald Trump is not even in office yet, but America is already seeing dramatic changes in the way that business is conducted throughout the country.

When the populist conservative candidate was announced as the winner of the 2016 presidential election, it was understood by most people that the nation would finally experience the change promised but never delivered during Barack Obama's tenure as president. Instead of more of the failed, tax-and-spend liberal policies pursued by the current incumbent of the White House and his predecessors, Trump is in a position to enact policies that benefit ordinary Americans and make the country prosperous once again.

However, few expected this change to happen so quickly, which is exactly what has happened within the less than two weeks since the election ended. Already, politicians, foreign governments, and corporations are changing their tune on a number of issues, all because Trump will soon be in the White House.

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