Forbes: Self-Reliant Homesteaders, Survivalists Living ‘Off The Grid’ are ‘Delusional Moochers’

The article in question might be the case of a writer not knowing what he is talking about, and speaking more from personal prejudices than from a position of knowledge.

What is argued is that “homesteaders” or others who live ‘off the grid’, that being highly self-sufficient and rather low-tech, are a drain on society as it is alleged that they frequently take advantage of social services and the other things modernity provides without contributing anything of value to society.

It’s a poor argument that is riddled with errors – containing only a bit of truth. What is the author’s motivation? Difficult to say. Perhaps he has a prejudice against those he sees as “country bumpkins.” Or maybe he was just lazy when it came to researching this topic. In any event, he misses the mark more often than he hits it.

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