Folk Singer To Serenade ISIS In Syria

Folk Singer To Serenade ISIS In Syria

The flower power movement never died, it's just coming out of its latest acid-fueled stupor. A Portland, Oregon-based (really, where else would this come from?) folk singer has announced his plan to soften the hearts of ISIS with folk ballads and good old-fashioned love, maaan.

But doesn't this epitomize the entire attitude the Left has with regard to foreign policy? Peace, love, and just this old six-string, and we'll be brothers all over again. It's sweet to think there are still Americans who think that singing songs of brotherly love to people who kill babies on a daily basis will somehow touch the hearts of the killers. They'll lay down their arms, the migrants can go back home, and we'll just have a laugh about the whole thing.

But if a private citizen wants to try something new, who are we to stop him? What if it works? Wouldn't that be something to sing about.

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