Florida Department Of Agriculture Demands Family Run Dairy Farm Label Milk “Imitation”

The report states:

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs has ordered the owners of the creamery to inject their skim milk with synthetic Vitamin A or else be forced to label their milk as “imitation.” Speaking to theTallahassee Democrat, owner Mary Lou Wesselhoeft said, “Our customers want an all-natural product. If we call it imitation, they will not buy our product. To me it's degrading and a slap in the face because it's pure, unadulterated skim milk.”

Representing the state, Assistant Florida Attorney General Ashley E. Davis says, “Ocheesee's product is imitating — literally imitating — skim milk.” Davis says that consumers expect the milk to have the same nutrition as whole milk. The state requires that synthetic vitamins be added to all skim milk sold in supermarkets because it supposedly boosts the milk's nutrition level.

The Government's intrusion has no limits as we have seen in recent years-from a little girls running a lemonade stands, to people using vats to catch rain water on their own property, to now trying to enforce real milk to be labeled “imiation”.  Big Brother's reach and grip is continuing to grow, with no end in sight.

Source: Natural News



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