Florida Crowd Assaults Police Officer Attempting To Make An Arrest

Low proceeded to push and strick the officer in an attempt to free himself and run, according to Melbourne Police, but was eventually wrestled to the ground.

Cmdr. Vince Pryce states that as the cop was placing handcuffs on Low, a crowd surrounded the officer and began to yell, pull at and strike the officer, forcing him to pull out his taser, commanding the “the aggressive advancing crowd” to get back.

Low was able to escape briefly with the distraction of the crowd, but was tracked down not far from the scene and taken into custody.

Low is being charged with assault on a police officer, resisting arrest with violence, resisting without violence and carrying an open container of alcohol in violation of city ordinance.

Pryce states the officer suffered minor cuts and bruises.

Police say that this is the second incident within a few weeks where a crowd has attempted to interfere with an arrest, ultimately becoming hostile towards a police officer.

Video From Fox New can be found here.



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