Florida Couple Sues City for Banning Vegetable Gardens

Florida Couple Sues City for Banning Vegetable Gardens

A Florida city has been the site of a heated legal battle over the property rights of homeowners.

When one thinks of the typical American household, it wouldn't be out of the question to imagine a nice little garden, perhaps one with a few vegetables even, in front of it. Apparently, however, the Miami Shores Village Council feels that such a decoration is out of the question because back in 2013, the council voted to amend zoning laws to prohibit vegetables gardens in residents' front yards.

Couple Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts were preparing to comply with the council's order when authorities threatened to slap them with a $50 fine for every day it took to relocate their garden to their backyard. Incensed at this action, the couple struck back and sued the city.

Arguing that the ban on front yard gardens infringes on the property rights of residents, Carroll and Ricketts are maintaining that the ban not only violates the Florida Constitution but also the equal protection clause as it only outlaws vegetable gardens in front yards.

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