Florida Billboard With the Words “Islam Bloody Islam” Ignites International Outrage


A billboard in St. Augustine, Florida with the words “Islam Bloody Islam” enraged its citizens.

CBS 47 contacted the owner of the advertising company that owns the billboard.  He told the station it was an individual and not an organization or a church that purchased the sign. He believed the message on the billboard is freedom of speech.

We should always stand up for those in our community who are shown hatred and intolerance.

We should be outraged that a billboard with this message could in any way represent our community as a whole.

We are all children of God, and must be tolerant of each other, no matter what sect or belief a person or persons have.

Everyone has the right to opinions but not at the expense all those who are innocent. Come now HUMANITY. Global harmony starts with one person at a time.'

Some were in favor of the sign.  One anonymous citizen said: “The sign is accurate. Wake up! There are whole nations abusing human rights, woman rights, and threatening peace in the name of a failed, uncleansed belief that shouldn't even be considered a religion.”

Nevertheless, a petition was circulated to bring down the sign.  The petition included the statement that “it is of the utmost importance that we stand against messages and movements that isolate, judge and threaten an entire sect of people who share our same hometown.”

The petition has 2,300 signatures and counting.

Outrage over the sign was not confined to Florida.  As members of other countries became aware of the billboard some expressed similar outrage.  The petition now includes signatures from people in the UK, India, France and Nigeria.

Source: daily news



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