Five Somali Men Arrested in Ohio

While certain Americans are trying to fight so that America can be seen as one of the most “humanitarian” countries in the world by taking in refugees, they’ve quietly ignored the criminals that we’ve let in before.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol reported on Wednesday, November 11, that five men from Somalia were pulled over on the Ohio Turnpike near Lordstown in Trumbull County, Ohio for failing to use signals to change lanes. But soon police found devices used to create credit cards as well as some small amounts of marijuana.

Arrested were Jibril Abdiselam, 24; Mohammeddeq Hassan, 27; Mahamoud Mohamed, 26; Zakaria Warsame, 25; and Said Abu, all of whom are currently residing in the Columbus area. All five are being held on $25,000 bond.

The five men were charged with six counts each of possessing criminal tools and identity theft, and Said Abu was charged with criminal simulation and possessing marijuana.

These men have no allegiance to our law, but we nonetheless welcome them with open arms.

Source: Breitbart



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