FISA Court to NSA: Resume Monitoring U.S. Citizens’ Phones

As TruthInMedia reported:

According to an order on Monday by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the federal government’s request to renew dragnet data collection of U.S. phone metadata until November 29, 2015 was approved. As the Freedom Act reportedly prepares to implement limitations regarding some aspects of NSA surveillance, the legislation provides a “transition period” in which the NSA will be allowed to temporarily continue its controversial data collection practices that a federal appeals court had declared illegal in May.

Really, what can we expect of the federal government? After spending billions of dollars in taxpayer money to spy on its own citizens under the flimsy guise of detecting attacks by terrorists – the same terrorists the government openly sponsors – going ‘cold turkey' was just asking too much.

Source: TruthInMedia

Photo: Greg Goebel on Flickr



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