First Lesbian Bishop Orders Church Crosses Replaced with Islamic Symbols

This kind of decision has unexpected consequences. First off, the first wave of Sharia Islamists are within their rights to take the lesbian bishop up to the steeple and throw her off. After all, she is a an Infidel, a woman speaking in public and she is homosexual…all crimes deserving death. Then they will burn the church down to celebrate.

So, welcome the Islamists by all means.

Let’s continue:

The church targeted is the Seamen’s mission church in Stockholm’s eastern dockyards. The Bishop held a meeting there this year and challenged the priest to explain what he’d do if a ship’s crew came into port who weren’t Christian but wanted to pray.

Calling Muslim guests to the church “angels“, the Bishop later took to her official blog to explain that removing Christian symbols from the church and preparing the building for Muslim prayer doesn’t make a priest any less a defender of the faith. Rather, to do any less would make one “stingy towards people of other faiths”.

The bishop insisted this wasn’t an issue, after all airports and hospitals already had multi-faith prayer rooms, and converting the dockyard church would only bring it up to speed. Regardless, the announcement has aroused protest.

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