First Country To Ban Islam Comes Under Fire

The government of Angola has been accused of “banning Islam” by the Islamic Community of Angola (ICA) after authorities closed down all but a few unlicensed mosques in the capital city of Luanda.

There are legal penalties for women who wear the iconic veil and social pressure from both government authorties and private citizens for Muslims to leave the country. Angola does not recognize Islam as an Angolan religion as there are not enough Muslims to meet the required 100,000 members or presence in 12 of 18 provinces.

The government of Angola justified their policies, saying that Islam is an “invasion of Angolan culture and a threat to Christian values.” Muslims have been asked to tear down their own mosques under threat of paying for the demolition fees. The Angolan government has also denied that is has tried to ban Islam, stating that “there is no position that targets the destruction or closure of places of worship.”

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