Fireworks Cancelled Because It Might Upset The Refugees

Fireworks Cancelled Because It Might Upset The Refugees

Happy New Year Arnberg, Germany!  No fireworks for you!

The residents, in the small town of Arnberg, of the western state of North Rhine-Westpahlia, was ordered not to set off fireworks in the area of  local migrant lodging and migrants are fobidden to buy them at all.

The refugee homes are a lightweight wooden structure and susceptible to fire, thus for security reasons, the buying of the fireworks have been forbidden.  Posters were put up, in many different languages, forbidding them purchasing them for “security reasons”.

There are also “psychological elements” at work, Mr. Söbbeler stated, “Those who come from a war zone, pounding more associated with shots and bombs than with firework rockets. That could be breaking new trauma of the people”.

The enforcement of said ban is uncertain, as is the punishment of those who may still fire off the fireworks.   Read more on page two.

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