Fireman Sentenced to 30 Days for Praying

Fireman Sentenced to 30 Days for Praying

Risking his life for eighteen years as a firefighter, Ronnie Edwards has prayed at every emergency scene.  His actions have earned him the title of the “Praying Fireman” and those he works alongside admire and support his work ethic and his noble prayer habit.  This habit of prayer has landed him in jail for 30 days.

The new mayor of DeQuincy,  Lawana Jones is the “first democratic mayor in its history, an African American”, is an atheist, and has taken exception to Edwards prayer life. When she learned of Edwards praying at fires, she decided to do something about it.  Sending a memo to all city employees, she told them that “any expression of personal religious belief while on duty was a violation of their contract with the city.”

Ronnie Edwards chose to keep up his prayer vigil as he believes that he must do what Jesus asks of him and not cave to the whims of an atheist mayor.

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