Finnish Police Chief: ‘Let Terrorists Into Our Schools’ to ‘Expand Tolerance’

Finnish Police Superintendent Jarl Taponen was speaking to an audience regarding the safety and security of the school systems.  How this subject arose came out of a conversation about a terror attack that took place in the city of Turku when a 22-year-old Moroccan refugee who was seeking asylum in Finland decided to stab 10 people, 2 of them to death, late last month on August 18th.

The audience was understandably concerned that the asylum seeker, Abderrahman Bouanane, had planned several different attacks, settling on the one deadly route in Turku.  However, one of those attacks was supposed to be at a local school where the children of Finnish citizens would be the targets.

The incident was the first terror attack in Finland since the end of World War II.

A Finnish citizen expressed relief on Twitter that Bouanane didn’t try to attack a school given reports that he had multiple different attack plans.

“On the contrary, people need to be motivated to stay in school….whether it’s a child or adult,” responded Superintendent Jari Taponen.

He was then asked by another individual, “As a police officer you support terrorists being in our children’s schools?”

“Even a terrorist can benefit from good learning! It might widen views and expand tolerance!” responded Taponen.

Asked whether he thought that would pose a security risk to children, Taponen said he had confidence in teachers to guarantee their safety.

Yes, you read that right.  Taponen actually thinks that teachers (who are not armed, mind you) would protect the students better than not having the terrorists there in the first place.  According to this man, who is obviously an apologist for his White privilege and sick with guilt over it, affording access to the schools will somehow steer the angry fundamentalist killer away from their religious tendencies to kill infidels and toward a new-found understanding and empathy for the sheep that they slaughter!

I have thought about this and I realize that to be proud of a heritage that saw the slaughter of millions and the raping and pillaging of the enemy is really the driving force behind this laying down and submitting to all things brutal and savage, regardless of whether your own children are at risk.

Europeans have become so disgusted with their own past, their own proud history, that they are totally rejecting everything that makes them who they are.  For the Scandinavians, that is even more of a monumental undertaking because they have been stigmatized by the “bad press” of the Vikings for ages.  The “red-headed beasts from the North” who came and wrecked normal civilization in England, Wales, Ireland and France have learned to be the docile sheep to the killing floors of radical Islam in an attempt to alleviate themselves of the heavy burden of shame that they bear on behalf of their ancestors.

If this is the modern Viking, I'm about done with my own connection to them.  Appeasement of terrorists is not in my vocabulary as a proud American.

Source:  InfoWars



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