Finland Welcomes Migrants With Petrol Bombs

The migrants on board the bus had driven nearly 400 miles from the Swedish border. Finns are rising up in disapproval against the growing number of migrants in their country.

Prime Minister Juha Sipila condemned the attacks on Twitter, saying “threats and violence against asylum seekers and migrants are absolutely unacceptable.”

“Finland’s government condemns last night’s racist protests against the asylum seekers who have come to the country. Violence and threatening behaviour is always indefensible,” a government statement said.

The prime minister himself has attracted criticism for personally welcoming migrants to the country – earlier this month he offered to open his own home up to refugees. The deputy leader of the anti-mass immigration Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset, PS) condemned the offer, remarking last week: “Sipila’s noble-minded gesture was like a Christmas gift for human traffickers and refugees. The news about open doors in Finland have sent many young men on a journey towards the promised land”.

ILTV reports the newly arrived migrants appealed to police, questioning whether Finland was really as safe as they had heard. Increasing numbers of migrants are now travelling through Sweden to reach the northern Nordic states which, according to rumours spread through their native communities and by people smugglers, are even better places to resettle to.

The number of migrants arriving in Finland has increased by roughly 300% in recent days, creating the largest influx of people moving to Finland since the Russian Revolution.






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