Feminists Pee Themselves for Equality

The goal of the troll campaign created by 4chan was to get feminists to publicly pee themselves in the name of equality. Within 24 hours of being started, feminists were posting images of themselves with stained and soiled pants.

One woman even made a video of herself peeing her pants and posted in on Twitter.

The sheer hilarity of social justice warriors being so gullible as to fall for such an obvious troll again illustrates how leftists are so desperate to engage in “virtue signaling” that they will literally piss themselves and put photos of it on Twitter to try and earn ‘progressive’ social brownie points.

This is by no means the first time that feminists have openly embraced something that was originally created by 4chan to make fun of them.

The “free bleeding” movement, in which feminists post pictures of themselves showing menstrual blood running down their legs in order to draw attention to ‘period shaming’ – was another troll campaign contrived by 4chan.

It's hard to look at something like this and have any respect for feminists. The level of stupidity it would take to not even question something that involves peeing yourself and posting it on the Internet is extreme. That being said, at least 4chan has given you something to laugh at.

Source: infowars.com

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