Feminists in Cologne Hand Out Roses to Migrants as a “gesture against xenophobia” Following Sexual Assaults

In the aftermath of the Cologne assaults carried out almost exclusively by foreign-born immigrants and asylum seekers, many, feminists included, are blaming German born men.

German Interior Minister Ralf Jaeger also asserted that conservatives who criticized the wave of migrants flooding into the country on Internet chat rooms were “just as awful” as the migrants who sexually molested women.

The act of handing out of roses is of a similar nature to when Parisians partook in a “hug a Muslim” PR stunt in the immediate aftermath of the Paris massacre.

Ironically, another Muslim in London who carried a sign outside Parliament asking, “do you trust me enough for a hug?” and claiming he had unfairly been “labeled a terrorist” as a result of his religion, actually turned out to be a terrorist.

The commit these atrocious acts and them appear before the media as if they’ve done no wrong. At what point will people finally realize they’re dangerous? Maybe some of them aren’t committing violent acts, but lets not forget that their entire religion is based on violence. From an outside perspective, it’s difficult not to ponder the implications of that.

Source: infowars.com



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