Feminists Celebrate Acquiring Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Feminists Celebrate Acquiring Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Modern activism in America is beginning to reach a dangerous new level of stupidity and repulsiveness. While racial issues continue to infest the media and the country, as a whole, feminists are trying to show that they still matter by encouraging a rather disgusting issue, STDs. Apparently, if you have an STD you should be proud of it, at least according to feminist Ella Dawson, a graduate of Wesleyan University and social media worker for TED.

The opening statement in her blog goes like this, “I am herpes+ and pretty cool with it”. Okay, fine, but then she said in a tweet, “I’m not interested in playing identity politics. I’m a slut, and I have herpes. I am still a person who deserves respect.” In another tweet, she actually said that “STIs are not a consequence of poor decisions or bad character.” She even created a the hashtag #ShoutYourStatus to encourage others with STDs.

Wait, what?

In what world does having genital warts and bragging about being a slut earn you respect? Encouraging women to celebrate an infection that can lead to a damaged nervous system and brain damage isn’t something to be proud of.

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