The Feds Further Terrorize Bundy Ranch Neighbors

The Feds Further Terrorize Bundy Ranch Neighbors

Fighting back against the federal government is no doubt a daunting task, as neighbors to the Bundy Ranch are no doubt learning the hard way.

Epic legal battles against the Bundys as well as their neighbors, Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven Hammond, date back decades.The federal government has attempted every trick at their disposal to rid the land owners of their rightfully owned property.

From charging ludicrous grazing fees, murdering their cattle, and even charging them with violations of an anti-terrorism act, the Federal government has been ruthless and unflinching in their efforts. They've successfully managed to jail both Dwight and Steven for fires intended to clear the family's land of brush, but even still they're not done terrorizing the family.

After being sentenced to a one year, three month prison term, the federal government is now saying the sentence should be longer, and is pursuing such punishment through the courts.

To see how long they've extended the 70 year old man's prison sentence, continue reading on the next page:

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