Feds Take Kids of Militia Member, Discussions Underway With FBI

The standoff between ranchers in Oregon and the federal government is continuing, with the government becoming more determined than ever to crush the budding rebellion. The ranchers, dubbed militia by the government in order to tar them with a more sinister and dangerous label, have been determined but peaceful.

Recently the main spokesman for the ranchers, Ammon Bundy, walked away from a proposed meeting with government representatives because it was not open to the media as had been promised. When the government invites you to a meeting that will only be held in private, you can be assured that it is not intended to be an open and fair forum.

The ranchers are concerned about the current disagreement in which two ranchers were taken to prison on a charge of arson for clearing brush by burning, a common practice that often produces a more productive area less prone to wildfires.

But the broader issue is the expanding and more unreasonable position of the federal government, which currently owns over 50 percent of all the land in eleven western states. The government is also working closely with environmentalists who are putting more and more land off limits to ranchers, implementing more areas to preserve “endangered” species or habitat, and who are becoming more aggressive in pushing ranchers off the land.

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