Exposed: Feds Planting Surveillance Microphones in Unexpected Public Places

Kevin Samson of Activist Post writes:

Major cities have uncovered several secret operations in recent years that have sparked outrage. In 2013, Seattle police were forced to deactivate a hidden WiFi mesh network system that was funded by Homeland Security.  This past month a Phoenix, Arizona resident documented a strange box that appeared on his utility pole; it was later claimed by the bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives, a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice – the ATF would neither confirm nor deny ongoing surveillance in the area.

Now the heavily populated Bay Area of San Francisco, home to nearly 1 million residents and countless millions more visitors, has been exposed to have been part of an ongoing operation to secretly record public conversations, perhaps dating from 2010.

We are clearly heading into very dangerous territory as all of our data is being opened up for scrutiny by government, while its own operations are being done in secret using the malleable framework of crime and terrorism to justify the means to its ends.

The good news is that an increasingly aware public, as well as a rising number of courageous whistleblowers, are shining new light about the depths to which our civil liberties are being erased.

Deception by the government is nothing new to the American people, lying and spying on the population has gone on throughout our history, always to the governments benefits, all while violating our most basic rights. A persons right to privacy should extend to the government unless there is viable evidence against that single person. Instead, everybody's privacy is being violated in hopes of finding just a few criminals and terrorists out of the millions of people being spied upon.

Source: Activist Post



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