Feds Prepare for a “Black Sky Event”

Feds Prepare for a “Black Sky Event”

When I hear any company talking in broad, extravagant vagaries about how they are there to effect “national and international collaboration on resilience and whole community restoration and response planning, addressing severe, national and global scale hazards to lifeline infrastructures,” I immediately get a mental picture of the Cyberdyne Systems propaganda videos from the Terminator movies.  For some reason, they just don't sit well with me.

“Imagine a world where butterflies run on batteries!  Imagine a school system where children in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Seattle, all learn exactly the same lesson from exactly the same teacher at exactly the same time, every day!  Imagine the exciting development of a world where a neurosurgeon can remove a brain tumor with technological precision without missing the sunset!  Where a mother can tuck her baby in at night…from halfway around the planet!  It's happening today…at Cyberdyne Systsems!  We're back!  Bigger and better than ever!  And we're ready to lead the world down the information superhighway!  Our goal — complete domination of global communications!  Cyberdyne Systems has always been a pioneer in advanced robotics systems for medicine, industry, and consumer products, making your life happier, healthier and richer!  Cyberdyne Systems is also the leader in defense technology.  By the end of the decade, Cyberdyne Systems will unveil the most powerful thinking machine ever imagined — Skynet!  When the Skynet system comes online, this nation and its allies will be protected by the ultimate guardian — the first fully computer-controlled defense system!”

Maybe this isn't on the same scale.  Admittedly, EIS Council hasn't said ANYTHING about killer robots and stuff like that.  But I can't help feeling like I'm watching one of those sci-fi movies where we can see the infancy of evil (like when Obama was running and everyone on the Right warned about him, but somehow he was elected) but are either unwilling or unable to stop it!

EIS Council is partnering with a bunch of other organizations and divisions of governments, here and abroad, globally, to form an initiative known as EarthEx.  They have the mission of preparing for a, what they call, “Black Sky Event.”  Their definition of a Black Sky Event is “hazards – events that severely disrupt the normal functioning of our critical infrastructures.”  They have committed to a simulated Black Sky Event on August 23 of this year that will be an “Emergency All-sector Response Transnational Hazard Exercise.”

Find out what this entails and determine for yourself if this is just to be ready for an actual Black Sky Event or another excuse to drain even more precious taxpayer money from the coffers!

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