Feds Order High School To Allow Boys in Girls Locker and Shower

From the reports on this case:

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights has ordered a taxpayer-funded school district in the suburbs of Chicago to allow a male transgender student who dresses like a girl and otherwise identifies as female to use the girls locker room and shower on school premises

The Department of Education has given the school district one month to let the student use the girls locker room. If the district does not capitulate, it risks losing federal funding.

President Barack Obama’s Department of Education — which manifestly is not vested with judicial powers — has taken to applying Title IX, a comprehensive 1972 federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex, to transgender cases.

The unidentified high school student at the center of the ruling currently is listed as a girl in school files, uses girls’ restrooms and plays on girls’ sports teams.

That’s not enough, though. The student wants to be treated like a female in every respect by the school district that enrolls more than 12,000 students.

Showering in a different place is “blatant discrimination,” John Knight, director of the LGBT and AIDS Project at ACLU of Illinois said.

Township district superintendent Daniel Cates told the Herald in the days leading up to Monday’s proclamation. “If we were to implement OCR’s unilateral mandate of unconditional access, we believe it sacrifices both student privacy and overrides the will of our local board of education.”

In a recent statement, Cates stressed the rights of every other female in the school district.

“The students in our schools are teenagers, not adults, and one’s gender is not the same as one’s anatomy,” Cates explained. “Boys and girls are in separate locker rooms — where there are open changing areas and open shower facilities — for a reason.”

The issue is not solely the transgender teen's rights.  There are the rights of the whole female student body to consider, and the impact of having a anatomically male naked in common areas where they shower.

High school is a very tenuous time.  The teen years can be a troubling, difficult time.  Privacy is tantamount.  Wanting our children to be protected and comfortable at school is something parents should be entitled to-its our taxpayer dollars funding public schools.  It could be very disturbing-even traumatic- for a teen girl to be in a situation where a male anatomically is showering.  Its just a fact, and being transgender is not a good enough reason to deny the rights of the all the females at the school.

Applying Title IX to this situation is a stretch, and is the Obama's regime approach.  To twist the law to their advantage, at any cost.

Source: Daily Caller



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