Feds to Fine Schools that Fail to Follow Michelle Obama’s Lunch Directives

Feds to Fine Schools that Fail to Follow Michelle Obama’s Lunch Directives

Michelle Obama is not a nutritionist. She is not a doctor. And she is not elected. Yet she is pushing the way school children eat, and imposing rules that her own children do not have to adhere to through the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act which was passed in 2010. And it is the Obama way to change behavior by force without input from those most affected.

The idea of improving school lunches was a fine idea, and there were surely a raft of consultants who weighed in on the program development. But as is the case with so many government attempts to butt in where it is not wanted, the program has been a dismal failure.

The new food choices are abysmal and exceedingly meager. So bad, in fact, that the internet has been flooded with pictures taken by school children of food that is generally unidentifiable, unappetizing, and plain old inedible.

This by kids who often depend for their nutritional needs to be met by meals served at school. Sodium, sugar, white grains, and condiments are limited or prohibited. Food that school children like to eat has essentially disappeared.

Millions of school provided meals are ending up in the trash can, and a black market for salt, sugar, and other items has developed at many schools. And incredibly, the cost for serving these bland, unappetizing and unwanted meals is costing more than expected. Given the fact that a state like Alabama was given over $210 million by the Federal government to serve these meals, it is truly astonishing that the program is over budget.

Additionally, over 1.4 million school children have stopped eating school lunches since the program was started. But Michelle and the government have a plan. It is called force.

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