Feds Conduct Mass Fingerprint Seizure in California

Feds Conduct Mass Fingerprint Seizure in California

While technology has improved our world in countless ways, it has also served as a tool that gives governments the potential to do things that would make Big Brother blush.

And lest you start feeling high and mighty and think that “governments” only refers to ones “over there”, it's happening right here as we speak. As anyone who has been paying attention knows, the people who are supposed to protect us have instead used their station to further secure it and treat their constituents – that is, us – like criminals to be watched and monitored.

From NSA spying to FBI attempts to break into iPhones, the various agencies of the government have conspired to use technology to tighten their stranglehold over the American people. And if they manage to succeed in their latest effort to do so, we will be far the worse for it.

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