Feds Accidentally Release ‘Remote Mind Control’ Documents

Feds Accidentally Release ‘Remote Mind Control’ Documents

When MuckRock journalist Curtis Waltman requested documents related to Antifa and white supremacist groups through the Freedom of Information Act, he likely didn't expect what he got back.

As Waltman puts it, “When you send thousands of FOIA requests, you are bound to get some very weird responses from time to time. Recently, we here at MuckRock had one of our most bizarre gets yet – Washington State Fusion Center’s accidental release of records on the effects of remote mind control.”

From the sharp increase in mass shootings by mind-numbed attackers to the mysterious ‘brain-melting weapon' accusations that recently came out of Cuba that left several US diplomats with long-term mental damage, one has to wonder if these weapons aren't already in use by those with a Luciferian agenda.

For example, a book by Milton William Cooper titled “Behold A Pale Horse”, discusses a ‘secret government' (Deep State in today's lingo) that would use mind-controlled patsies to carry out massive shootings on US soil with an objective to eliminate the 2nd Amendment.

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