Federally Funded Groups Turn to Immigrants to Stop Trump

Federally Funded Groups Turn to Immigrants to Stop Trump

The #NeverTrump movement have thrown one Hail Mary after another, and time after time, nothing has worked.

If their previous attempts were desperate, their next move is downright pathetic.

Having apparently given up on persuading Americans that Trump isn’t fit for the Oval Office, they’ve set their sights on the recently immigrated to try and turn the tides against the perhaps-presumptive Republican nominee.

This move may appear to make sense on an incredibly basic level. Trump hasn’t exactly set the country’s immigrant voters aflame with enthusiasm with his accusations that Mexican migrants bring rape, crime, and murder to the United States, but recent events in California have proven that these anti-Trump Mexican immigrants are hardly effective campaigners.

If anything, their disrespect of the American flag, violence, and vandalism may be edging the needle closer toward Trump, rather than away from him. Still, these are the people Trump’s adversaries are counting on to steal back the nomination.

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