Federal Regulations Cost Average Household $15k each Year

Federal Regulations Cost Average Household $15k each Year

Like Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the federal government has become so large and inefficient that it requires and ever-increasing amount of funding to continue running.  Instead of shrinking to a more responsible size and cutting spending, Uncle Sam expects you, the American taxpayer, to foot the outrageous bill.

The greatest tax burden on Americans is the continually expanding list of regulations enforced by various government agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  It seems that the number of regulations increases under every U.S. president — and in general, that tends to be true.  But under the Obama administration, tax, environmental, business, and healthcare regulations have increased at an abnormally higher rate every year since he took office in 2009.

Now, the nonprofit Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) reports that in 2015, the United States government taxed Americans roughly $1.9 trillion through these innumerable federal regulations.

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