Federal Prisons Reverse Pork Ban

The American pork industry squealed in protest. Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley inquired about the ban, and the bureau immediately backed off, returning pork to the menu.

Want to bet the ban came from prisoners who happen to be Muslim?
The Bureau of Prisons, responsible for over 200,000 inmates, has claimed that it was phasing out pork because surveys of prisoners’ food preferences showed it wasn’t a very popular menu item. Plus they blamed the cost of pork, moving to impose a total ban at the beginning of the month.

Interesting that an expensive item has to be banned instead of just simply not buying it. Certainly, there must be bans on lobster and filet mignon, too. Again, it would seem to indicate an influence of a Middle Eastern ilk to incur an official ban.

“We find it hard to believe that a survey would have found a majority of any population saying, ‘No thanks, I don’t want any bacon,'” a spokesperson for The National Pork Producers Council told FoxNews.com earlier this week.

He went on to illustrate the economic importance of pork in America.

“The United States produces upwards of 92 percent of its own pork. Alternative products may be more likely to be imported. The pork industry is responsible for 547,800 jobs, which creates $22.3 billion in personal incomes and contributes $39 billion to the gross domestic product,” he wrote. “… This unprecedented decision to remove pork from all federal prisons will have consequences on the livelihoods of American citizens who work in the pork industry.”

Source: Fox News
And guess what? Then there came a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Yes, they welcomed the ban.
You make the conclusion…




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