Federal Judge Overturns Hawaii Ordinance Banning GMOs

The problem of genetically modified food is hardly confined to Hawaii. Indeed, activists across America have been speaking out against GMOs and have called for them to be labeled so customers know what exactly it is they are eating. But if Congress moves forward with an alarming new bill, consumers won't have access to that information.

“Mollway's ruling comes amid a larger struggle involving GMOs and labeling taking place on the federal level.

As McClatchy Papers reports, GMO labeling advocates are battling with members of Congress who are pushing legislation to prevent individual states from requiring foods containing GMOs to be labeled as such. The food industry has opposed the push by some states to require the labeling; thus far Vermont, Connecticut and Maine are the only states that have passed legislation mandating the labeling.

McClatchy Papers reported further:

At the center of the conflict is a bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo of Kansas that would block state and local laws from requiring food labels to disclose genetically engineered ingredients. …

Pompeo's ‘Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act' would nix those laws and instead set up a voluntary nationwide labeling system overseen by the federal government.

The title of the bill is obviously – and purposefully – mislabeled, much like the president's ‘Affordable Care Act.' The push to require GMO labeling is actually due to a desire among activists for safe, more accurate labeling of food; Pompeo's bill will prevent individual states from passing and enforcing such laws while still not requiring GMO labeling of foods anywhere in the country.”

Source: Natural News



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