Federal Judge Denies Texas Right to Reject Syrian Refugees

Federal Judge Denies Texas Right to Reject Syrian Refugees

The people of the United States are still trying to find a leader that cares more about the citizens of this country than about invading hordes of Muslim “refuges.” Barack Obama, who declared he would be a change maker for the country has been just that by opening the borders to illegal aliens who are impossible to vet, and by bringing in thousands of Middle Eastern refuges and dumping them on unsuspecting communities, with little or no effort to assimilate them into the culture.

Billions of dollars have been spent on these illegals, but no program has been effective in determining whether they are who they say they are, knowing for sure where they came from, and if they are Muslim terrorists hiding among the refuges. It is a risk no community should be asked to shoulder, and no end is yet in sight.

Opponents of the program have come from all quarters, but an initial legal test case suffered a major setback on Monday when a federal judge in Texas refused to grant American citizens any relief from the risk of these incoming groups.

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