Federal Document Exposes Plans for Control of American Families

So this nasty draft plan is off to subordinating parents to the needs and goals of teachers and bureaucrats on its first page.  Here are two more examples from Lisa Haven:

On page four it reveals that family engagement is no longer “supplemental” but now we must have government officials implement the engagement:

“The perception that family engagement practices are supplemental, rather than necessary for successfully promoting children’s learning and development. Institutions that serve young children may place low priority on family engagement because they perceive their mission as narrowly focused on the child and miss the notion that children, especially very young children, live in the context of their families and their experiences are not independent of- but intertwined with- those of their families.

“There are few requirements and limited official guidance at the local, State and Federal levels to support implementation of these policies and practices, with some exceptions. Many State, program, district and school policies make ambiguous reference to “family engagement” and do not provide concrete definitions, or guidance on practices and policies that promote family engagement.”

On page 5 it displays families as “assets” rather than taking on a parenting role and enforces the establishment of partnerships between your family, school teachers, and other professionals. They even envision the idea of having their “aid” begin prior to the birth of the child and that they want control over the social and behavioral health:

“The first step in systemically embedding effective family engagement practices in educational settings is to establish a culture where families are seen as assets and partners in children’s development, learning and wellness.  States, LEAs, schools, and early childhood programs should adopt a set of principles that guide the work of each interrelated level of the system. The Departments consider the following principles foundational to implementing the recommendations that follow. They are drawn from our respective frameworks, and aligning, integrating, and coordinating these principles will amplify their effects.”

Source: LisaHavenNews.net

So on the first page of this nightmarish plan families are subordinated to bureaucrats.  Pages four and five change them from subordinates to exploitable assets.  Those are hardly the worst steps, though.  After all, just look at page thirteen:

Page thirteen contains the most disturbing information about Periodic Home Visits:

“To support ongoing relationship building with families, programs and schools should conduct periodic home visits so that teachers and families can get to know each other and communicate about children’s goals, strengths, challenges, and progress. If home visits are not possible for all families, schools or programs should require that teachers or providers and families communicate at the beginning of the year to ensure that the relationship is started in a positive way.”

Source: LisaHavenNews.net

Re-read that.  To ensure compliance and continuity of brainwashing, the schools plan to appoint themselves guardians of the children, complete with the right to drop in and verify that the child isn’t receiving badthink from their parents when they’re supposedly free of the schools’ horrible mismanagement.  Please watch Lisa’s video below, and follow the link to the plan itself at the Health and Human Services website to verify what is being said.

The Plan: In HHS’ own words



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