Federal Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law Discriminatory

Federal Court Rules Texas Voter ID Law Discriminatory

Voter ID is a simple concept and should be immediately accepted by every honest citizen of this country. It is that only legal citizens of the United States can vote in our elections. That is not a hard concept, but Democrats repeatedly want to violate it.

There are cities that have suggested that illegal aliens should be able to vote in city elections, and they would like to widen the application.

Democrats are currently working to make sure felons can vote, because felons overwhelmingly vote for Democrats, which should give us all a clue of what the party stands for. Democrats are flooding the nation with illegal aliens, and inviting in hundreds of thousands of unvetted “refugees,” all with the intent of “bringing them out of the shadows” and making them reliable Democrat voters who are beholden to the party. It does not matter what damage these huge numbers of new immigrants will do to our citizens and our country, it only matters that the Democrats will guarantee their power and numbers through these outlandish schemes. And of course it is well known that Democrats encourage dead people to vote each year.

But the annual Democrat push for eliminating any kind of system to verify if voters are legal and who they say they are is on once again. This is when they claim that requiring some kind of identification is racist, discriminatory, and a means of preventing people from voting. It is trotted out each year to promote voter fraud and to boost their numbers. There are no shortage of liberal judges who will support this nonsense, and the idea that it is impossible for every potential voter to produce proper identification is ludicrous. We all need identification to board a plane, to drive a car, and to collect welfare checks.

How in the world can this be a legitimate complaint unless the Democrats actually want to foment illegal voting by stuffing the ballot boxes with votes from people who are not who they say they are?

It is clear they cannot win in the forum of ideas, and corrupt candidate Hillary Clinton is looking like she is in trouble, so the fall back position is to get as many phony votes in as possible. And that means stopping the requirement for real voter ID.

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