FDA Wants To Close Organic Free-Range Chicken Farms

FDA Wants To Close Organic Free-Range Chicken Farms

Under the guise of helping to cut back cases of salmonella poisoning, the FDA wants you to stop eating organic, healthy free-range chicken.

All chickens will be raised indoors, if the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has its way.

The federal agency is now targeting pastured poultry, free-range chickens — and even the eggs the hens produce. Owners of small farms seem to have been under attack in recent years, with an ever-evolving set of regulations and obstacles thwarting the efforts of small agricultural businesses across the United States.

Source: OffTheGridNews.com
Photo: Compassion In World Farming

Is that the real purpose for their actions? Or is something else on their agenda? Do you think the FDA has a right to close organic chicken farms?


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