FDA Proudly Marches Out New Pills Embedded with Tracking Technology

FDA Proudly Marches Out New Pills Embedded with Tracking Technology

The issue of mandatory government drugging of citizens via the FDA and pharmaceutical companies is a hot-button topic that will not go away. Government agencies are brazenly marching out their latest technological inventions designed to monitor your every step, and swallow.

First, they introduced the idea of microchipping, testing out the waters on how far citizens would go to give up their rights if told it was an issue of  ‘public health’ concern.

We just knew that sex traffickers implanted microchips into victims, then that the government thought it should be legal to microchip mentally impaired citizens (H.R 4919) in a sweeping intrusion of human rights under the hailed leftist Orwellian banner of human rights.

Opponents to these types of sweeping invasions know no ideological boundaries, instead, it is a unified stand against the totalitarian left.

The FDA has just approved a new pill embedded with the technology many find highly objective on the grounds it is just another piece of proof showing government organizations seek to exert complete control over the populous through any means necessary, or that it resembles the fabled “mark of the beast” spoken of in the scriptures.

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