FCC Kept ‘Obamaphone’ Fraud Quiet to Expand Program

FCC Kept ‘Obamaphone’ Fraud Quiet to Expand Program

There is fraud in a government program?  Say it isn't so! “Massive fraud” is the allegation federal regulators are charging Total Call Mobile, a Lifeline provider in 19 states, with “systematic and egregious misconduct” and “widespread enrollment fraud.”

But it gets worse, though the fraud was uncovered, the release of the Notice of Apparent Liability was delayed until the day after the expansion of the Lifeline Program was put through.  Tens of millions of tax-payer dollars were swindled by Total Call Mobile and the Federal Communications Commission will seek $51 million dollars in damages.

Total Call requested and received about $9.7 million in payments for ineligible or duplicate Lifeline beneficiaries, pilfering the extra proceeds. Though stern warnings were given to the sales agents, the pervasive fraud continued.

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