FCC Commissioner: Obama´s Internet Plan Is ‘Worse Than I Imagined’

Last month Forbes published and article stating that Obama was creating a ‘cyber police state’.

Last year it was exposed that Obama ´now has dictatorial communication ability over all media that includes and Internet kill switch.

This latest imposition of Marxist micromanagement brings us all very close to the police state Obama envisions.

“We should be able to have an open and transparent debate to see the president’s plan,” Pai said.

The commissioner also contends that the Obama White House may have improperly influenced the proposal, a concern shared by lawmakers on two congressional committees currently investigating the net neutrality proposal.

In a letter to Wheeler this week, Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) requested documents related to the proposal and an explanation of “what new factors” led the FCC to divert from an earlier net neutrality proposal.

Johnson and other Republicans charge that recent meetings between Obama administration officials and FCC commissioners are clear indicators of White House meddling in the rulemaking process.

“Since the FCC is an independent agency that derives its authority from Congress and not the White House, it is highly concerning that the White House would seek to take on this level of involvement in the regulatory process of the FCC, or attempt to supplant completely the agency’s decision-making apparatus,” Johnson wrote in the letter.

In a separate letter, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has requested that the FCC hand over any communications between its members and the White House.

“[R]eports indicate that views expressed by the White House potentially had an improper influence on the development of the draft Open Internet Order circulated internally at the Commission on February 5, 2015,” Oversight chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R.-Utah) wrote in the letter.

Source: personalliberty.com



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