FBI Won’t Release Clinton Docs Due to Lack of ‘Public Interest’

FBI Won’t Release Clinton Docs Due to Lack of ‘Public Interest’

The FBI has shut down requests for files relating to their investigation into Hillary Clinton — and theirĀ reasoningĀ is insane.

The Clinton email saga captivated viewers from the moment it was discovered that the former secretary of state was using a private email server to store government data at her private home. That revelation came to light as a result of another scandal — the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

From there, the story only got worse. Clinton lied about the server being set up for her husband. She lied about the presence of classified materials on the servers. She lied about wiping the servers.

Clinton lied and lied and lied — and with each lie, the public grew more suspicious of the presidential candidate’s intentions.

But the FBI doesn’t seem to think people are all that interested in Clinton or the investigation that may have cost her the presidency.

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