FBI Warned Clinton Campaign Impending Cyberattack

FBI Warned Clinton Campaign Impending Cyberattack

Hillary Clinton did everything in her power to prevent the American people from learning what was in the 60,000 or so emails sent through her private server during her period serving as the Secretary of State. In fact, she was successful in hiding about half, or 30,000 emails by deleting them and claiming they had nothing of importance. Of course, she claimed the same thing about the 30,000 emails that were recovered, and it turned out that there were dozens of top secret missives in the files.

Somehow the FBI and her Democrat supporters are willing to buy into the idea that the missing emails are a non-issue, though most citizens would be facing an obstruction of justice charge at the very least for pulling such a stunt.

It is indicative of her careless and clueless attitude towards secret government communication that should be kept from foreign enemies that she wants to make sure the American public does not know what kinds of emails she is sending, but she is not concerned about what our enemies are picking up.

It is shocking and frightening that someone with such a cavalier attitude could become president. But it has been reported that Clinton has been hacked by the Russians, and was more concerned about her privacy than about Russian access to her secrets.

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