FBI Sends Clinton Interview Docs to Congress, but Something’s Missing

Clinton might be trying to appear transparent by requesting the release of these documents, but she knows full-well that whole sections, the most damning ones, will never see the light of day specifically because they are too highly classified to be released to the public.

Fox News continues:

“Clinton was specifically interviewed by the FBI about her handling of 22 top secret emails, which included some of the government’s most closely held government programs known as special access programs, which often include human spying. The 22 top secret emails were deemed by the intelligence community too damaging to national security to make public, even with large sections blacked out.”

So there you go. In an apparent show of transparency, request that the information be made public when you are fully aware that whole sections of the report cannot be made public.

So what’s missing? More than just the sections of the report. Transparency and integrity are absent as well.  And who would expect anything else from Hillary?



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