FBI Says ISIS Recruiting “”24 Hours A Day” in All 50 States

Director James Comey spoke to reporters at the Cincinnati FBI field office about local terrorist plots that were foiled in Ohio.

Its Ohio region had two arrests this year of young men charged with plotting terrorist acts to support ISIS extremists. Both pleaded not guilty.

He shared with the group that investigations are going on in all 50 states because social media has opened a covert door of recruitment for ISIS.  Encrypted communications, Twitter, and Instant Messaging has made it easier for extremist to find and reach out to those buying into the hate filled message.

Hundreds of people are “consuming” social media efforts to either draw them overseas to join the extremists “or if you can’t come, kill where you are,” Comey said. “And that is a two-pronged siren song that goes out through social media.”

“So we have investigations in all 50 states to try to identify, among hundreds of people who are consuming this poison, where are they on the stages from consuming to acting, and how do we stop them from acting,” he said.

From 2001 to 2013 alone, the United States has resettled permanently 1.5 million Muslim immigrants throughout the United States and Obama intends to add 10,000 Syrians.  All of these immigrants hold to the same ideology that fuels ISIS.

Well, this is what we are being told. Propaganda to sell the DOJ's ‘domestic terrorist' agenda or are these true numbers?

Source: Breitbart




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