Revealed: The FBI Had Multiple Informants in the Trump Campaign

The revelations were largely overlooked in media coverage of the report.

A section on page 336 of the extensive report reveals the IG’s team learned during its review that the FBI maintained Confidential Human Sources (CHS’s) who had “either a connection to candidate Trump or a role in the Trump campaign.” CHS’s are utilized by the FBI to gather information on a target.

One source was described as holding a position that was redacted from the public version of the report and another source was documented whose details were also redacted.

One of these sources surrounding Trump is described as voluntarily bringing the FBI vast sums of information and documentation that the source was not officially tasked with providing. The Handling Agent for that source, described in this article as Source #1, told the IG that this source regularly provides “a ton of information on all sorts of things” to the FBI without being tasked to do so. Source #1 also brings “reams of information” to into meetings with the handling agent.

Source #2 in the report was described as someone having general information in August 2016 regarding former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and adviser Carter Page.

The IG also discovered an October 2016 email written by an Intelligence Analyst on the Crossfire Hurricane team that contained information about another Confidential Human Source, described here as Source #3.

The email copied information from a case file for Source #3, stating the source was “scheduled to attend a ‘private’ national security forum with Donald Trump” in October 2016, after which Source #3 will provide “an update on the Trump meeting.”

The IG could not get to the bottom of what transpired with Source #3. None of the Crossfire Hurricane case agents told the IG they had any recollection of knowing that any source was scheduled to attend a gathering with Trump.

Clearly the IG investigation had no intention of digging deeper into the sources, which included a fourth source as well. An FBI agent was quoted in the IG report as saying that members of the Crossfire Hurricane team “never [had] any intent, never any desire … to collect…campaign or privileged information with regard to the presidential election.”

FBI claims that the agency never spied on the Trump campaign or transition team are clearly undercut by the material in the IG report.

Source: Breitbart




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