FBI Investigation of George Carlin

Though 1969 was a long time ago, filing a 12 page report on a comedian because he spoke out against the government is slightly hypocritical, considering the fact that the United States was still about 12 years away from the end of the Cold War period, where they were fighting an enemy who did the same  thing  when their citizens spoke out against them and sometimes worse.

Comedian George Carlin is known as one of the most controversial and outspoken entertainers of his time, and as far as the government is concerned, he could have possibly been a terrorist.

After Carlin’s appearance on the show, the staff of Jackie Gleason received a number of anonymous letters — allegedly from fans but possibly from the FBI — condemning Carlin for speaking about the government in the critical way that he did. It has been proven that the FBI has indeed sent threatening letters to public figures in the past, pretending to be concerned colleagues or a member of the public, including to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today's world is full of comedians voicing their concerns over modern politics. There are even television shows that give them a platform to do it. Look at The Colbert Report and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. If the incident with Carlin proves anything it's that the government is paying attention, and they're not above dirty tactics when it comes to silencing people.

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