FBI, Hillary, and the Smoking Gun

FBI, Hillary, and the Smoking Gun

Hillary has technology problems.  Her private server, which the Inspector General found did not comply with Department policies, is at issue.  Whether she wiped or deleted her emails is at issue. Not turning over all her government emails, as per the requirement by federal law, as Secretary of State, an issue.  Foolishly believing one's emails will not be obtained by the FBI, while still claiming that she did not deliberately remove confidential data to send across her unsecured server, an issue.

Let’s not lose sight of what lurks at the heart of this Inspector General report: what Hillary Clinton did is uniquely bad, absolutely unprecedented, and she did it after decades of government experience with the Information Age had already passed. We’ve been told through her career that she’s the “smartest woman in the world,” but now her campaign will ask us to believe she learned nothing by studying the experiences of her predecessors, Truth and Action reported.

That excuse should fall on deaf ears, because there is no way to continue pretending that Hillary Clinton made a mistake. This was a deliberate conspiracy to avoid State Department policies and federal law, involving a great many people… and the most important figures in the scandal refused to cooperate with the Inspector General.

The smoking gun just may be revealed via technology as Wikileaks posted a tweet that seems to compound the lies that Hillary has told regarding her server.

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