FBI: Hillary Clinton Lied, Broke the Law, Put the Nation at Risk, But no Prosecution

FBI: Hillary Clinton Lied, Broke the Law, Put the Nation at Risk, But no Prosecution

We should have known it was a set up from the start. The media insisted that James Comey, director of the FBI, was “uncorruptable, independent, and a real straight arrow.” It turns out that was a lie as well, but we will never know how he, too, was able to be corrupted by the Clinton machine. But it happened, without question.

Comey held a press conference today, announcing that after months of investigations, the FBI would not recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her many misdeeds and lies. We are not talking about minor shadings of the truth, we are talking about serious, felonious lies that had real consequences, and had a normal citizen committed even one tenth of, would have landed them in jail for decades.

It is decision that makes the U.S. a run-of-the-mill banana republic, where the wealthy and powerful are able to play by different rules. Why should any of us obey the laws and respect the standards of the country when this type of decision is possible? The fawning media is commenting how “sternly” Comey described Clinton’s misdeeds, and it is laughable. Do you speak “sternly” to a rapist, a murderer, a bank robber?

The law says there must be consequences to illegal actions, not just “stern words.” Clinton’s actions put this nation at risk and corrupted government at the highest levels, and the bigger question is why? Her IT support guy was granted immunity for his testimony and then went on to take the 5th amendment against self incrimination 125 times in a couple hours of questioning!  Are we to assume that he was doing things that were prosecutable on his own, without direction from Clinton?


Over and over again Comey showed that Clinton had committed acts that were clearly illegal and then lied about it. Somehow the public disclosure of her lies is supposed to be sufficient punishment for what she did.

Read the points Comey made about Clinton lying over the last year or so on page 2:

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